Rizn Ink // Printing & Embroidery


My wife Ashley and I started Rizn Ink (formally Rizen Industries) back in 2011. We were broke and clueless at the time but had picked up a ton of experience from previous jobs and other opportunities that were industry related. We knew we wanted to serve clients across all demographics and help them build out their brands with screen printing, embroidery, and graphic design at every level. It hasn't been easy but it's definitely worth it!

Fast forward 10 years and much has changed. We got married, became parents, and have had crazy highs and lows while growing the business all along! After doing most of the work to get infrastructure in place, Ash decided to break away from the company a few years back to pursue other jobs and opportunities. She still comes around to keep myself and our team in check though!

We love the process of seeing art come to life through customized garments. We believe that there is just something about putting on a shirt with your logo for the first time that changes you! We love getting to meet new clients from all backgrounds and walks of life to help them bring their ideas to fruition through quality printed goods. Whether you are a small business just getting started or need volume orders for your company we are here to help every step of the way!